Call for papers: Special Issue on Mental Model Ascription by Intelligent Agents

2nd Call for Papers

Interaction Studies: Special Issue on Mental Model Ascription by Intelligent Agents

Mental model ascription, otherwise known as “mindreading”, involves inferring features of another human or artificial agent that cannot be directly observed, such as that agent’s beliefs, plans, goals, intentions, personality traits, mental and emotional states, and knowledge about the world. This capability is an essential functionality of intelligent agents if they are to engage in sophisticated collaborations with people. The computational modeling of mindreading offers an excellent opportunity to explore the interactions of cognitive capabilities, such as high-level perception (including language understanding and vision), theory of mind, decision-making, inferencing, reasoning under uncertainty, plan recognition and memory management. Contributions are sought that will advance our understanding of mindreading, with priority being given to carefully described, algorithmic or implemented approaches that address the practical necessity of computing prerequisite inputs. Formal evaluations are not required.

This volume was inspired by successful workshops at CogSci 2012 (Modeling the Perception of Intentions) and CogSci 2013 (Mental Model Ascription by Language-Enabled Intelligent Agents).

Since Interaction Studies targets a broad audience, authors are encouraged to provide sufficient context for their contributions and define specialist terminology.

The deadline for submissions is January 14, 2014. Submission requirements and instructions can be found at Please address questions to the special edition editor, Marge McShane, at

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