Don’t rely on the text of

Sometimes I see dropdowns marked up like this:

<option><%= localized string %></option>

which forces the server-side code to do checks like this:

if (sDropdownChoice == L10nStrings(“localized string”))

Looking up strings server-side to do comparisons like this is is inefficient. Instead, markup the page like this:

<option value=”sender”><%= localized string %></option>

so the server code can compare like this:

if (sDropdownChoice.Equals(“sender”))

Even better, use a staticly-defined string such as,

static public readonly string s_sSender = “sender”;

and use that in both the markup creation and the comparison, which helps avoid typos and helps with maintainability by making sure that if the string ever needs changing, the update is made everywhere it should be.

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