Avoid signin delay for audio and video checks when using AIMcc in a server context

If you’re using the Open AIM libraries (aka AIMcc) and your client doesn’t provide audio or video messaging capability, then you can speed up sign on by telling AIMcc not to try to enumerate all AV devices that are present when it signs on a user.  Do this:

oAccSession.Prefs.SetValue(“aimcc.av.enumDevices”, 0);

oAccSession.Prefs.SetValue(“aimcc.av.audio.permissions.buddies”, AccPermissions.AccPermissions_RejectAll);
oAccSession.Prefs.SetValue(“aimcc.av.audio.permissions.nonBuddies”, AccPermissions.AccPermissions_RejectAll);
oAccSession.Prefs.SetValue(“aimcc.av.video.permissions.buddies”, AccPermissions.AccPermissions_RejectAll);
oAccSession.Prefs.SetValue(“aimcc.av.video.permissions.nonBuddies”, AccPermissions.AccPermissions_RejectAll);

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